Serious interview with my imaginary friend.
by Mitsy Avila Ovalles

Many of you (at least 4 people) have been asking who makes up the other half of $nake Eye$. In an attempt to uncover the truth and prove he's a real person, I've decided to have a sit with him. This all could have been avoided had he just agreed to fill in one of those ridiculous forwarded surveys but nooooooo. More of Ricardo's stuff could be seen at and venomous vomit spitters.

What are you going by this week? What are some of the latest aliases other than Ramo? Booooo! He wouldn't give up his secrets. He has some gems though.

What do I call you for this interview then?
Hot stuff? I don't what exactly is going on here? What's my motivation?

It's an interview for my weblog.
You're interviewing who?
You, this is serious.

Where do you live and work from?
In the squalor that is my room, the gutters of ESSJ.

Where do you paint?
In the northwest corner of my aforementioned room, I paint myself into corners.

What's your educational background?
Self -Taught.

WHAT?!?!? You went to SJSU, that's where we met ...what gives? You're lying.
My mistake, I always thought we met in Eastridge at Orange Julius, where we used to battle rap. I must be confusing us with Outkast.

Did you hate school? Did you learn anything?
I hated it and still hate it. I guess I learned some stuff, but I should have went to a real art school?

Yeah? What would be different, what would the perks be?
work I'd probably be in shows right now and have a larger body of work. I wasted the last few years of school working on a commercial portfolio instead of fine art. That portfolio wasn't good enough to get me an interview anywhere. They lied to me at school saying that I had a strong portfolio and could get paid to draw for studios and such.

What kinda of job are you looking for?
The kind that pays you for drawing or painting. Sign painter at the grocery. The guy that paints numbers on the curbs. Airbrushing aztec women on car hoods.

Is it true you cut grass for a living? How long have you been doing that?
Yes. Going on 20 years and thats not even a lie. How sad.

Describe an average day for you.
Beat off and cry. No that's the end of the day. It's different all the time. Wake up, check my email...reject business offers (that's a lie, don't put that) and write creepy love letters. I've never felt so alone in my life (don't put that).

To whom?
Girls on myspace.
You dont' have a Maispeis anymore.
Oh yeah that's right. Fine, I don't write creepy love letters or engage in social networking sites.
Why'd you leave myspace?
Cause it's gay. People bore me with their bulletins, boring blogs, glitter graphics and barrage of torso shots. Its like middle school. I'm almost a grown ass man.

You're Mexican and German right? What's your favorite Spanish word?
Yes and I changed my name to Carlos Mencia instead of my german name, Ned. I also steal all my comedic material. Is that the answer you where looking for? And to clarify I'm just brown, no german in my blood. My favorite spanish word would be tilichis or Verongas.

What's the worst thing in your life right now?
My's's dead.
What do you mean?
I thought I told you,'member my hand went numb...
Ugh, this for other people they don't know your life.
Oh. Aren't interviews usually about people that are doing stuff, like artists who have art jobs or are regularly active in gallery shows? I don't have a job nor am involved in any shows. I don't even have my own personalized fitted new era or custom dunks. My a3's have grass stains.

When's your next show? And why does everyone hate on you?
Probably never, unless you count when I lay out my paintings on the couch. I don't know why people hate on me. You can have them write in. I am a regular Donnie Darko, I guess.

What type of people comprise your fan base?
Mostly my nephews, I cater to pretweens.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your work? What are some of the general themes in your work?
current work I just look around and try to soak up what's going on outside and also life experience. Places I visit. I like broken down buildings, handcrafted signage, liquor stores, discarded items from soiled sofas to pamphlets. I also like old sports graphics like logos and lettering. Life, death, space and time.

What's usually going on when you paint? Do you have music on, the TV? Whats on?
Sometimes tv and talk radio, but lately it's been itunes or ipod.

What's your favorite record right now?
There's too many. You can't go wrong with Madvillian. Let's stick with that one.

What's your favorite show on tv right now?
The bad girls club.
The Office and Growing Pains. I don't have cable so I'm limited to certain channels, A SIDE. I'm telling you, that Mike Seaver always works himself into a tizzy.

Who are some of the artists you're feeling right now, who are you vibing (haha) or whose work has influenced you?
THANKS!! Haha. Seriously...
During my early developmental years I was influenced by Barry McGee, (Mike) Giant, and Doze Green. There's probably a bunch more but I think thats a good start. There's too many artists to name through out the ages so i'll throw some out from my head, Sargent, Sorolla, Goya, Bob Ross, Rockwell, Jasper Johns, Lucien Freud, Chuck Jones. Baron Storey also taught me some stuff at school.

Are you on the juice? You're always talking about "Training" "Liquados"... what's really going on?
I'm not on the juice, I just have back acne and drink Pancho Pantera.
Or "backne" as they say?

If you were to runaway tomorrow where would you go?
Your shed, save me some string cheese and a pillow.

What do you make of Zito face going across the bridge?
At least Zito didn't go with the Yankees or I would have hated him like Giambi. But I dont wish him well with the Giants and would never root for him or rock a split A's and Giants cap like they had in the 89 World Series.

The Giants are lame. I hope that Benitez cancels out Zito. :)

What's your fascination with peanut butter and popcorn? Before that it was sunflower seeds and coke with lime? Why do you love Stromboli? What's the record number of times you've gone to In and Out in a week?
What do you mean before that, I'm still all about coke with lime and sunflower seeds, now it's that I've added peanut butter and popcorn to the list. Let me clarify that its not peanut butter on the popcorn, I like peanut butter sandwiches and popcorn with tapatio individually. Stromboli is like the sandwich version of pizza. I've gone to In and Out at least twice a week and possibly three times at one point, but once a week is the norm.

What's the most important item in your wardrobe? What would you say is your signature/trademark look? haha.
Dead eyes and a blank stare.

What's the deal with your wild mane and beard? Do you not care what you look like? :)
I'm going to be the next Rick Ruben. And for the record the beard isnt even unruly i had shaved it , although its been growning out a bit. I blame all the riff raff thats been galavanting about they don't let me get to my biznazz.

How did you dress as a child? Bust out the pictures. What were you like at this age? Describe yourself as a tween.
At that age I was about the same as I am now, although then I hadn't lost hope and wasn't such an asshole. I used to watch tv and draw so it's about even.

I love to see you fail, tell me a story. Remember I told you how my brother was a victim of racism, how some old haggard lady had offered him her leftovers on Santana row? Hahaha, has anything like that ever happened to you?
One professor, during class, told me that he thought he had seen me on the street but was afraid to approach me cause he thought I was a vagabond. It turns out it was me and I was sitting on the sidewalk drawing.

Do you collect anything?
Dust, sketchbooks, music.

Who do you identify with most Boo Radley, Daniel Johnston, or Stephane Miroux? (Google if you must.)

Since I really dont have enough to go on with the other two I would go with Boo Radley.

Are you mad at me?
Yes, a little.

Where's the party at?
There's a party? Let's go. I'll pick you up right now.

I hate your guts. good bye.

Here are some links to work we've collaborated on.

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