August 1, 2008


Next up...

Did you hear? I'm sure you heard.

This guy. I'll reserve judgment on the goof ball that is Manuel Aristides Ramírez Onelcida until I see some balls hit into the left field pavilion. Power hitter in the line up? Wow, what's that like? However I predict he'll do some soccer dribbling with the beach balls thrown out into the field and if he tries his palms of fury as he did to Youkilis face, I imagine Jeff Kent would be the encore. He'll be wearing number 99? Who wants to wager that Jay Z's "99 Problems" will be referenced in national sports headlines at some point in these next two months? Good or bad. Or I wonder what his at bat music will be?

I'll miss Andy LaRoche, he had some hard luck injuries and hasn't had a decent shot at third. I'm sure he'll fair well and at least he'll be with his big brother over in Pittsburg manning opposite corners.


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