May 10, 2009


My Mom saaays she doesn't like me posting about about her on the internets but I don't knoooww she says the same thing about me calling her Octomom and yet curiously cracks a little smile every time I refer to her as such. You know how I know I love my Mom non-stop? I give her pedicures. FEET ya'll, that's love. Don't say I never do nothing for you lady. I really can't even describe (or joke) about the enormity of her love and sacrifice. She's the biggest blessing in my life, EVER - I win.

Slapped together this playlist for her, for the Mom's in my family and all the other baby mommas out there who ride or die for their babies.

And a would be happy Mother's day to Mammy Ramirez who so desperately wanted to become a mother he shat on his legacy and his voucher into the HOF. Now lets use his paycut and get us a starting pitcher not a belly itcher. 47 games and counting....


Blogger SHERMGRAFIK said...

haha, why do you call your mom "octomom"?

i don't even keep up with sports but i know about manny being manny...

have a lovely day with your mom! i'm sure she brags about her artistic (i almost typed in "autistic") daughter to all her friends :)

May 10, 2009 1:33 PM  
Blogger MiTSY said...

She's in no way like Octomom. I just like hearing her say "No, no soy octomom"...with her accent, she's really cute.

She does brag about me being artistic AND autistic, but probably only cause she can't brag about me pushing lil grandbabies out my privates. :)

May 10, 2009 7:26 PM  

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