September 8, 2008


You've probably caught on to my stratagem of leading in with something art related to reel you and then hit you with what ultimately REALLY matters :) - sports or the day-to-day of "Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso". I do feel guilty, sometimes, inundating you, devout readers (party of 3) but you have to take the good with the bad. :) Or get on with it and just scroll scroll.

Later this month, I'll be participating in the
Güey Smart project room put on by Tropico de Nopal gallery, as part of the East of Eden exhibition. More details. Look how fun that life-size cardboard Chalino Sanchez looks.

My brother has been thinking all bad ever since his SEASON tickets arrived. You know football season is upon us when he's missing work and walking around with a Raider lanyard holding his ticket around his neck-flashing it in my face. Ughhh. After this video, I think I will have exhausted all my favorite teams' abashing musical debuts. But being just minutes away from the Raiders season opener, I felt it was necessary to share and commit to this season by way of an impromptu internet machine tail gate. Let's begin..

Howie Long was/is hot, flat top and all. Shaaaooo! This next one is just awesome!

And one more thing on the sports front. You know I was sweating the weekend series against the D'backs, especially with the rotation serving up both Haren and Webb. I atttribute this weekend's sweep to the new tradition of playing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin' '" sometime after the 7th inning stretch. Hahah, I think they play it whether we're trailing or not. Anyway, that's the key. Let's hope LA stays on top for longer than 2 days.


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