December 5, 2008


My best friend of best friends, amiga del alma Baby Belén was visited by the stork in a super secret, silent Scientology birth a week ago. I stress the SECRET part because Belén waited 3 months to tell everyone she was knocked up and last week "going out for dinner" was really going to Kaiser. What jerks. I don't even care none because I didn't want to see her box, let alone something coming out of it. It's cool, that's why I have an imagination, this is how I picture it going down. Belen, correct me if I'm wrong.

I visited with the little one this week and she's pretty much my favorite thing right now. Vieras que chula, la niña. You'll have to take my word for it because secretive Belén doesn't want her baby girl joining online communities. The baby was asleep on the job for most of my visit. All I wanted to do was sit there and smell her neck and feel her farts on my arms but noooo.

Sooo before she was Isis, she was baptized "french fry" and remained so until her birth because no one knew if she was an innie or an outtie. I crafted this double sided smile now, cry later plush french fry (or block of cheese?) for her.

These knit CortezESES were inspired by Gary Garay's cardboard Cortez and Belén's chola phase (she didn't really gang bang, only part time, or as much as a 7th grader could, you know in between school bells). For reasons that are none of your business, on most days Belén donned a majestic black cotton jersey trench coat (not Goth. That came later) with flocked white letters spelling out "Garcia" in old english arched across her back and a pair of black nike cortez. Now Isis will do the same, once she fits them and once high tube socks don't slip off her.

But you can't really grow up and be a chola Isis, unless it's of the Bolivian wrestling type.

My God dog Ozo is also another good reason to come around. Here he is breaking in his burger that I bought him, while the rest of us had real food, Huaraches that my Mom made.

Welcome baby Isis, I'm your Tia Mitsy. I'm not as embarrassing as Auntie Bec, less of a talker than your Aunt Tree, not as hilarious and inappropriate as Aunt "T aka beauty" and less into club hits than Tia Peaches. I'm the one you can come to for help with dioramas/art projects, Spanish homework and the one that will take you to Dodger games.


Blogger nancizzle. said...

love it.
CONGRATS to belen! :)

love your dog too...didn't even know you had one.
we're drifting, mitsy... :(


December 7, 2008 5:30 PM  
Anonymous MiTSY said...

He's not my dog, he's my god-dog. He's Belén's dog.

December 8, 2008 4:23 PM  

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