October 15, 2009


Last night I dreamt the Dodgers lost game 1, 4-3, in some 9th inning Broxton bullshit.  So now I'm scared.  Thoughts of 'oh eight assCole Hamels, the flaming hawaiian and el cucui Matt Stairs haunt me.  I can't help but think I'm being set up for disappointment deja vu reloaded.
 I love, love, love that the Dodgers made quick work of the competition in the NLDS again despite the skeptics again- myself included .  Ravech, I knew I hated your guts. You're my boy Neel!  Wait, I think Neel picked the Phils in the NLCS,  so kill that noise. 
  LA did it, even without those haters over at prayersonline.net trying to come up on my hard earned paypal monies.  Listen "cameron", I don't need YOU to talk to MY God, and he won't try to shake me down ethier. They eventually posted my prayer, long after the Dodgers had swept,  thanks for nothing internet prayer circle.  I'll stick to veladoras and Padre Nuestros. THINK BLUE!


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